Журнал Известия ВГПУ
Russian version SCIENTIFIC JOURNAL ISSN 2309-7078

Izvestia VSPU. - 2018. - Vol. 278. - Issue 1.

Pedagogical Sciences

(group of specialties 13.00.00)

Sviridov V. V., Kochukova M. V., Khonik V. A. The statistical and physical model of the pedagogical measurement р.6-12
Seligeeva I.R. Andragogy and art: problems, prospects, methods of adult teaching in informal art education р.13-16
Tatarinceva A.Y., Kuznezova V.V. Art-pedagogy in the work of a student group tutor р.17-21
Chudinsky R.M., Bykanov A.S., Tropynina Ju.I., Malev V.V. The analysis of the results of all-russian test works in the russian language in 2nd and 5th grades in 2017 within the territory of the Voronezh region р.22-28
Bakhtinа O.V., Ivanova N. А. Methodical aspects of junior schoolchildren preparation for the all-russian test work in mathematics in the 4th grade р.29-35
Volkova I.S. The formation of cartographic concepts in the school course of geography in the 5th and 6th grade р.36-41
Zakharov V. N., Zakharov N.V. Let's see the world through the eyes of mathematicians р.42-47

Shakurova M. V. Culture of the educational organization within the context of the theory of educational systems р.48-51
Bokut E.L. The Dynamics Of The Family Images Of Teachers' Training University Students р.52-55
Gunkina L. S. Transformation of the domestic relations of the nobility р.56-58
Fufaeva Yu. Yu. To the question of patriotism of the modern citizen of Russia р.59-63

Alekhina E.V., Povetkina T.E. Social and pedagogical aspects of preparation of teachers to work with children with health limitations through the example of the Voronezh region р.65-67
Tetakaeva L. M., Agalarova R.I., Aglarova Z. M. . Competence-activity approach and its role in the formation of key competencies of higher school students р.68-70
Galustyan O. V., Galigorov D. V. Types of assessment within the educational process р. 71-73
Asanov A.A., Safonov A.A. The study of technology of aviation high school cadets' training on the basis of a context competence approach in the flight safety р. 74-80
Gerasimov Р.Е., Frolov M.Y, Chuchin V.V. Students' positive self-attitude stimulation problem р.81-84
Levashov E.N. System of lecturer's activity evaluation р.85-88
Sklyarova O. N. Technology, forms and methods of independent activity of future military specialists in info communicative professional and educational environment р.89-92
Ishchenko E.V. Qualification requirements and peculiarities of training of federal state organizational institutions graduates in the ministry of internal affairs of the Russian federation in particular specialty «Juvenile officer» р.93-99

The Humanities

Historical sciences and archeology (group of specialties 07.00.00)
Merkulov A.N. The results of x-ray-spectral researches of scythian time bronze products from the forest-steppe Don region р.100-103
Bashkireva N.V. District congress in the structure of local authorities in the Russian empire (1889-1917) р. 104-107
Zverkov E.A. On the occasion of centenary of the workers' armed squads formation in Voronezh р. 108-111
Buneeva E.N., Firsova I. I. The role of the Voronezh mechanical factory and the design bureau of chemical automatics in the outer space exploration р. 112-114
Davydova A.O. The role of clubs in the development of the book culture of the north of Western Siberia in 1980-2000. illustrated by the club activity «Surgut bibliophile» р. 115-117
Bobrinov K.S. Problem of the south Kuril islands in Russo-Japanese relations р.118-122
Pisarevskiy N.P. Book review: Murrey, W. The age of titans. The rise and fall of the great hellenistic navies / W. Murrey. - Oxford, 2012. - 384 p. р. 123-126

Philology (group of specialties Literary criticism 10.01.00 Linguistics 10.02.00)
Kosarenko O. T., Kosarenko S. V. Equivalence of the morpheme with the root -vid- in the slavic languages р. 127-130
Bugakova N.V. Lexical means of representation of the emotional concept «fear (peur) » in french р.131-135
Zavialova L.A. Applying positive politeness strategies to interpersonal rapport management in the email-based computer-mediated business communication р. 136-141
Zagorovskaya O.V., Majmaie Helan Kareem Mohammed Typological categories of arabisms in modern Russian social and political discourse р. 142-146
Rudenya Zh.I. Peculiarities of the perception of Russian stylistically reduced vocabulary by the linguistic consciousness of foreign students р. 147-150
Arzyamova O.V. The linguistic representation of qualitative transformations in the Russian modern fiction discourse (based on the novel by Elena Chizhova "Sinologist») р. 151-154
Subbotina M.V. "Lermontov" components of the semantic structure of macro image "Childhood" in the metatext of Alexander Blok's lyrics (based on the experience of motivic analysis) р. 155-158
Bugakova N.B. Revisiting some peculiarities of the author's use of religious vocabulary by I.A. Bunyn р. 159-163
Borisova U.Yu. "Theatrical character" of N. S. Leskov: the peculiarities of the artist's aesthetic reflection р. 164-168
Dobrova S.I. Оn the issue of positional, concentrating and chain repetitions in a folklore text (a case of study of chastushka) р. 169-175
Durov B. Yu. Americans and war in «Dispatches» by Michael Herr р. 176-179
Palagina O.I. Deixis as a means of converse perspective on the french forum р. 180-185
Palagina O.I. Representation of the interpretative field of the concept metier in the french computer-mediated communication р. 186-194


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