Журнал Известия ВГПУ
Russian version SCIENTIFIC JOURNAL ISSN 2309-7078

Izvestia VSPU. - 2017. - Vol. 277. - Issue 4.

Pedagogical Sciences

(group of specialties 13.00.00)

Grushko G. IG. Synergetics in the education system: a holistic approach р.6-8
Dyuzhakova M.V., Proskurina N.V. Historical and cultural heritage as moral education foundation р.9-14
Sumenkov I.A. Modern approaches to the civil and patriotic education of students р.14-16
Bobrova O.A., Obukhova L.A. Age-specific features of adolescents and their influence on the reflexive skills formation р.17-20

Retiunskikh I.V., Sorokovykh V.V. Environmental approach to education and pedagogy in development of mathematic - specialized schools in Russia of the 20-th and the beginning of the 21-st century р.21-29
Sedova E.E., Kharkovsky N.P. Problems of moral education of children and adolescents in the educational theory and practice of the Russian expatriate community of the 1920-1930s р.30-33

Proskurina N.V. Geo-cultural approach in modern educational process р.34-36
Zelepugin A.D., Belousov A.V. Economic education in pedagogical institutions р.37-41
Emelyanova I. D., Markova S. V. Specification of modeling specialists' professional competence for the inclusive preschool education system р. 42-46
Khudyakova T.L., Krasnyakova O.S. Interpersonal feedback as a determining factor of the competence development in the communication of psychology students р. 47-50
Cheremisina M.V. Readiness of the secondary vocational education students for project activities р.51-57
Boeva O.A. Collage as a method of creative work of design students р.58-60
Lebedintseva V.A. Students' individual work assessment at mathematics training of primary education bachelors as a metasubject result р.61-63
Petelina E.A. Music education as a subject of scientific research р.64-67
Naumkin N.I., Kondratyeva G.A., Kotin A.V., Kilmyashkin E.A. Design of the content component of built - in modules of practical training of students for innovative activities р.68-71
Seligeeva I.R Readiness formation of future teachers of fine arts for the cultural and educational activities р.72-75
Babina N.F. The issue of assessing the quality of technology teachers training in the context of the competence approach р.76-79
Serdyukova L.V., Latyshev N.I. Personality-centered situation as a mechanism of axiological attitude formation to a piece of music by the students in music performance class of the university р.80-83
Goldman I.L. Art knowledge as a methodological basis of creative competence formation of the professional communicator in media education process р.84-89

The Humanities

Historical sciences and archeology (group of specialties 07.00.00)
Reshetova I.K. Millenium in the desert: the anthropological materials research of the post-meroitic Nubia (Abu Erteila necropolis, north Sudan) р.90-97
Pisarevskiy N.P. Modern interpretations of the data of the archaeological and epigraphic sources on the history of maritime affairs in Greece of the second millennium b.c. in the works of foreign scientists р. 98-106
Belaya N.N. The history of study of the early iron age clay plastics in Eurasia р. 107-109
Testov A.N., Fursov V.N. The organization improvement of Russia's railway management under the guidance of A. J. Von Gyubbenet by the ministry of Russian railways at the end of the 80s - the beginning of the 90s of the xix century р. 110-115
Savenkova M. M. The role of county councils in the formation of the female professional education system in the Voronezh province at the turn of the XIX-XX centuries р. 116-125
Fomin V.V. "Soviet antinormanism" and its normanistic essence р. 126-133
Bykovskaya G.A., Dubinina S.A. Higher educational institutions in extreme conditions of a military time р. 134-138
Filonenko S.I. The Romanians in the vicinity of Stalingrad. the overthrow of the 7th army corps by the soviet troops р. 139-148
Latypov T.R., Combat operations of the 8th air army during the Carpathian-Uzhgorod offensive operation of the 4th Ukrainian front line (september-november 1944) р.149-153
Dorosh A.A. The activities of V.S. Gostev as the council authorized representative of the Russian orthodox church of the council of people's commissars (the council of ministers) in the Voronezh region (based on the local archive)р. 154-156
Golovin E.A., Korovin V.V. Regional problems of labour resources usage and housing services of young workers in the late 1940 - 1950s (a case study of Kursk region) р. 157-159

Philology (group of specialties Literary criticism 10.01.00 Linguistics 10.02.00)
Bystrykh A.V. Linguistic impoliteness: definition problems and research methodology р. 160-167
Zagorovskaya O.V. The language norm in contemporary Russian visual and written language functioning in the internet communication: problem statement р.168-172
Stukolova G.P. Unmotivated syntactic formations as a result of the categorization process р. 173-177
Dankova T.N. Changes in semantic structure of Russian words of agricultural vocabulary in the different periods of formation of agronomy as a science (XVIII - XIX century) р. 178-181
Kornilov N.V. From linguistic heritage of A.A. Dmitrevsky: the dominant of the sentence р. 182-188
Husam A. R. Musleh Stylistic means of influence in Russian political discourse (based on the speeches of the minister of foreign affairs of Russia, S.V. Lavrov) р. 189-192
Ali Naja Khasan Ali Methods of creation of characters' evaluation names in the works of A.P. Chekhov р. 193-196
Demidkina E.A. Fear initiators in the novel by M. Walser «Ein fliehendes pferd» / «Runaway horse» р. 197-200
Alekseeva O.V. Communicative - activity approach in philology bachelors educational practice р. 201-204
Biryukova E.D. Linguostylistic competence of the secondary language personality and the possibility of its formation in the study of Russian as a foreign language р. 205-209
Al-Sultany Methaq Mohammed Ismael The specificity of one - member presentational sentence study on the basis of a communicative - oriented approach at the lessons of Russian language as a foreign language р. 210-214
Rubtsova Y.A., Romanova T.Y. The use of authentic films as a method of teaching Foreing students Russian speech р. 215-219
Algudah A.G.M. The functionality of the integrated regional - oriented training of the Russian - Arab dictionary of tourist terms р. 220-224

Psychology sciences
Trofimova N.B., Golubeva S.A. Justice as a moral characteristic of a future teacher р.225-228
Lanina N.V., Ponomareva V.N. Socio-psychological factors of emotional burnout of teachers р.229-232
Buslaeva E.L. Professional formation crises of psychology students р.233-235
Pushkinа T.F., Рarshinа J.V., Kretova M.A. Moral guidance of civilian personality development of a school student р.236-240

Natural Science
Turaeva T.L., Dubovitskaya T.V. Analysis of the results of unified state examination-2017 in physics via examples of data in Voronezh region р.241-246


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