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For Authors

Journal "Izvestia VSPU" has been published since 1936. It publishes original articles on a wide range of pedagogical, humanities and natural problems. Material for publication must be original, not previously published in other printed editions. Fee for publication with PhD students will not be charged.

Peer-review policy and publication in the Izvestia of VSPU

1. All manuscripts are peer-reviewed. The editor-in-chief (deputy chief editor) defines the compliance of the article with the scientific journal specialisation as well as with manuscript requirements and forwards the article to an editorial board member for peer-review. All editorial board members are acknowledged experts on the subjects of peer-reviewed manuscripts and have corresponding publications in the last 3 years.

2. Peers are notified that the manuscripts for peer-review are copyright property and contain highly confidential information. Peers are forbidden from making copies of the articles or using them to advantage. Peer-review is confidential.

3. Copies of peers' references are forwarded to the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation by the editorial board on request.

4. The peer-review term is specified by the series editors in each instance. The minimal peer-review term, i.e. between the manuscript (version) receipt date and the editorial board decision, is one month.

5. The reference outlines: a) the compliance of the article with its title and annotation; b) evaluation of the urgency and novelty of the manuscript; c) the degree of scholarly importance of the material; d) the necessity of publication; d) description of strengths and shortcomings of the article. In the ultimate part of the referee report a decision is made to publish the article, to improve it or give a substantiated refusal.

6. The editorial board forwards copies of referee reports or a substantiated refusal to the authors.

7. If the referee report contains recommendations on correction and reviewing the article, it is directed to the author who is notified of possible corrections in a new version of the article. The author can also express his reasoned disagreement. A modified article is then returned to the editorial board.

8. A repeated reviewer's refusal of the manuscript involves its modification and forwarding it to another peer.

9. The final decision on the publication of the article is made by the editor-in-chief (deputy chief editor) of the journal in tandem with the series editor.

10. References remain deposited in the Graphic Design and Publishing Centre as well as at the editor's office for 5 years.

Manuscripts must be submitted in Microsoft Word 2007 format by the editorial office e-mail, izvestia.vspu@mail.ru, indicating the contact phone number. See here "Requirements for Manuscripts in the Journal "Proceedings of the VSPU".

All references must be made in accordance with the requirements of GOST. See here "Samples of Reference List according to GOST".

Publication ethics

Journal "Izvestia VSPU" adheres to the generally accepted norms of the ethics of scientific publications.

The Editorial Board's responsibilities:
- to ensure the confidentiality of the publication received from authors and any information until its publication;
-to provide authors with information of the article reviewing stages;
- to prevent publication of the articles containing inaccurate data and plagiarism;
-to publish information about the financial support of the study, if the author provides such information in the article;
The author's responsibilities:
- to be responsible for the reliability and novelty of the results of the conducted research;
- to make reference to the author and the source of the borrowings;
- to avoid duplication of publications;
-to process the manuscript in accordance with the rules adopted in the journal;
The reviewer's responsibilities:
- to take into account the fact that the forwarded manuscript is the intellectual property of the author (a breach of confidentiality is possible in the case of a reviewer's statement of unreliability or falsification of the materials set forth in the article);
- to give an objective and reasoned assessment of the article and well-grounded recommendations for its correction.

The review of the article is confidential.


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