Журнал Известия ВГПУ
Russian version SCIENTIFIC JOURNAL ISSN 2309-7078

Izvestia VSPU. - 2019. - Vol. 283. - Issue 2.

Pedagogical Sciences

(group of specialties "General pedagogy, history of pedagogy and education" (13.00.01); "Theory and methods of professional education" (13.00.08))

Morozova E.A. Amplification of the educational environment as a way of creating conditions for the family consciousness formation of boys and girls as university students р.7-9
Bredikhin A.P. Modern design education through culture globalization: an artist's personality from the perspective of traditions and innovations р.10-15
Priputnev A. S., Nesterova I. N. Peculiarities of alternative education (through the example of free schools practical training) р.16-20
Zaitseva I. V. The use of the didactic potential of the internet resources in foreign language education р.21-24
Busygina J. A., Shakurova M. V. Traditions and innovations in studying of social identity of a person р.25-28
Reushenko A. A., Zozulya V. V. Peculiarities of environmental approach use for the characteristic of the pedagogical reality р.29-32
Galustyan O. V., Kolbaya I. G., Radchenko L. A. Communicative competence in domestic and foreign didactics р.33-37
Brekhova A.V., Dakhin D.V., Chernysheva E.I. Creative abilities development of younger students in extracurricular classes in robotics р.38-42

Kovaleva T. S. The problem-project approach in the formation of grammatical skills in foreign language written speech of the students of non-linguistic faculties р.43-47
Vlasyuk I.V., Kazakovа A. F. Digital economy and professional education: touch points р.48-51
Chudinsky R.M., Chudinova T.A., Morozova V.V. Retrospective analysis of the professional activity characteristics of future computer science teachers р.52-57
Titorenko S. A., Pokornaya I. Y., Ovsiannikova A. N. Methodical features of the use of integrated tasks as a means of professional training of future teachers of mathematics р.58-62
Abdullabekova U.B. The components of effective teaching of foreign language as major р.63-67
Gorbacheva S. S. Formation factors of communicative competence of master students majoring in 41.00.44 "Higher professional education" р. 68-71
Frolova V.P., Voronkova I.S., Miroshnichenko E.N. Algorithm of foreign language teaching of postgraduate students at a technical university р. 72-75
Korotun S. N., Poljanin A. R. Multimedia presentation at the lectures on humanitarian subjects: the problem of efficient application р.76-79
Nemykin A. Y. Principal tasks on physical geography of continents and oceans, aimed at competence formation of future geography teachers р. 80-83
Preobrazhenskaya I.N., Kalagastova A. V. Formation of students' self-educational competence in the study of a foreign language in the modern informational environment р. 84-88
Shmeleva S.A. Comparative characteristics of life strategies of pedagogical high school students and additional education students as a necessary factor of professional adaptation р. 89-93
Shevtsova M.A. Future teachers' education for programming and planning of the learning process from the perspective of the standardized education р. 94-98
Stupina T.V., Grishina G.V., Antolinovskaya V.M. Implementation of network collaboration facilities into the process of teaching a foreign language to the students of technical specialties р. 99-104
Popova O.V., Dyuzhakova M. V. Modeling the organization process of independent work of the students of creative profession р. 105-109

Sorokoletova O. V. A. S. Khomyakov about the integrity of the individual from the perspective of modern pedagogical science р.110-113
Gunkina L. S. Family idea In Tikhon Zadonsky's religious and pedagogical heritage р.114-117
Nemeshin V. Yu. Formation of national and cultural identity in out-of-school education of child-ren and youth of the "first wave" Russian emigration: historical and pedagogical experience р.118-121
Shvets A.A. The development of national identity by means of art in the cadet corps of the foreign Russia (1920-1940) р.122-125

Golubeva S.A., Trofimova N.B. Sensitivity to justice as an indicator of morality of a future teacher р.126-130
Kozlova T.A., Gutneva E.S. Museum pedagogy as a means of personal education in additional education р.131-134
Antipova I. A. The interaction of the child daycare center with the family as a factor of the primary socialization of young children р.135-139
Bortnikova S.A., Bogacheva E.V., Bortnikova E.S. Pedagogical conditions of students' skills formation to organize health-saving and life-sustaining activity by means of extracurricular activity in physical education р.140-143
Smolianinova T. S. School identity of younger schoolers: to the problem statement р.144-148

The Humanities

(group of specialties "National history" (07.00.02)
Vasilenko O. V., Rybalkin A. I. Voronezh lands (ukhozhai): problems of economic development р.149-153
Firsova I. I. The contribution of Vasily Alekseevich Chertkov to the Voronezh region development р. 154-156
Filonenko T. V., Cherkasova D. S. The Tulinovs' town estate in Voronezh р. 157-160
Panicheva A. K. Choreographic art of the Voronezh region as an object and subject of historic research р.161-164
Shatohin I.T. Local nobility and provincial officialdom of the first half of the XIX century р. 165-170
Volkova E. A., Lichoradova I. N., Frolova E. V. Dostoevsky and Petrashevsky circle: the controversy about the revolution and socialism р.171-173
Fursov V.N., Ledovskih E.A. Central black earth region theological seminaries during the revolution of 1905-1907 р. 174-179
Dorosh A. A. The struggle of the Voronezh provincial department of the joint chief political administration with «miraculous» phenomena in the middle of 1920s р. 180-182
Chaikovsky A. E., Rodina N. A. Journal of the central committee of the Komsomol "Smena" as a collective educator and organizer of youth during the Creat Patriotic War р. 183-185
Latypov T.R. Soviet historiography of combat actions of the Red army for Czechoslovakia liberation: second and third periods р. 186-196
Malysheva E. M. Concept of national security and Russian geopolitical strategy in Eastern Europe р. 197-201

Philology (group of specialties "Philological Sciences": "Russian language" (10.02.01); "Theory of language" (10.02.19))
Zagorovskaya O.V. Natural (unprofessional) written speech as a mode of the modern Russian language existence and the idiolect "mirror" of its speaker р. 202-206
Kornilov N.V. The secondary parts of the sentence in V. P. Slansky's works р.207-210
Chubur T. A., Nikishchenko G. N. Problem of concept nomination in modern linguistic conceptology р. 211-214
Ilyicheva N., Makhonina A. Liguistic peculiarities of political media discourse and its linguo-didactic potential р. 215-218
Dankova T. N. Terminological corpus as a peculiarities research base of modern Russian agricultural terminology р.219-223
Zavarzina G.A., Smolyanova A.S. Structural-semantic features of the new loanwords and their derivatives in the lexical-semantic sub-system "Beauty and health" р. 224-227
Kalagastova A. V., Chubur T. A. National specifics signs of a cultural person in the Russian and English language and conceptual areas р. 228-233
Biryukova E.D. Foreground feminitives in the Russian language at the turn of xx - xxi centuries and their stylistic characteristics р. 234-237
Dobrova S.I., Khalilova D. Kh. The typology of vocabularies of household realities (artifacts) nomination in the folklore text: structure, content, function (a case of study of A. N. Korolkova's fairy tales) р. 238-244
Pei Limin Root-repetition as an artistic device in the poetic texts of I.A. Bunin р. 245-248
Arzyamova O.V. The compositional and speech organization of E. G. Vodolazkin's novel "Brisbane": tradition and innovation р. 249-252
Srebryanskaya N. A., Uvarova E. S. Specifics of communication styles between the educator and the pupil р. 253-256

Psychological Science
Sazonova V.N., Snegireva E.S. The interrelation of the psychological climate in the teaching staff and the creative potential of teachers р. 257-259
Mikhaylova T. V. Trubnikov O. V. The role of the territorial body senior official of the ministry of internal affairs of Russia in the prevention and resolution of conflicts р.260-263
Koval N.A. Educational activity as a means of spiritual order of a future specialist р. 264-267
Sazonova V.N., Snegireva E.S. Attitude features to falsehood of modern adolescents р. 268-271


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