Журнал Известия ВГПУ
Russian version SCIENTIFIC JOURNAL ISSN 2309-7078
  • Журнал Известия ВГПУ
  • Журнал Известия ВГПУ
  • Журнал Известия ВГПУ
  • Журнал Известия ВГПУ

«Where science is highly valued, man's value is high»

А. Polezhaev

Dear readers!

Editorial and Publishing Council reserves the right readers to interpret, discuss, agree or disagree with the views expressed. It is important to establish a dialogue between authors of the articles andreaders that allows to move towards true knowledge. As a result of this dialogue appears the text of the journal « that ceases to be only an intermediary in the communication act. It becomes an equal interlocutor having a high degree of autonomy. And for the author (the addresser) and the reader (the addressee) it can act as an independent intellectual formation, which plays an active and self-directed role in the dialogue. In this respect the ancient metaphor "to talk to the book" gets filled with the exalted meaning." (Y.M. Lotman).

The Editorial Board.


Catalog of the Agency "Rospechat", the index is 70731.

From 01 December 2015 the Journal is included in the List of VAK in the following fields of science and specialty groups:

07.00.00 – historical sciences and archeology;
10.01.00 – literature;
10.02.00 – linguistics;
13.00.00 – pedagogical sciences.