Журнал Известия ВГПУ
Russian version SCIENTIFIC JOURNAL ISSN 2309-7078

Izvestia VSPU. - 2019. - Vol. 284. - Issue 3.

Pedagogical Sciences

(group of specialties "General pedagogy, history of pedagogy and education" (13.00.01); "Theory and methods of professional education" (13.00.08))

Аrapova P. I., Ilyushina N.N. Realization of the ideas of humane pedagogy in the international educational space р.6-9
Popova N. S. Formation of mind fullness as the basis of life-long foreign language education р.10-14
KazanskayA N. Vl. The problem of error identifying in speech production within a group of multi-ethnic classmates in Russian comprehensive shools р.15-19
Nenakhova E. V. Pedagogical conditions of the integrated lesson as means of development of cognitive interest of senior pupils of secondary school р.20-23
Volkova I. S., Surnin A. Y. In Rural School р.24-28
Yaretskaya А.Y. The cartoon production as a means of training in the preschool educational organization р.29-32
Avramenko O. V. Formation of speech effectiveness of senior preschoolers by means of literary works in preschool educational institution р.33-36

Shcherbakov A. V. Principles of management assistance to the development of the professional skill of a teacher as an educator р.37-41
Gavrilenko L. N. The formation in the process of development of professional readiness of the geography teacher to patriotic education of students р.42-46
Pisarenko S. A. Visibility as a condition of optimization pre-university preparation for drawing р.47-50
Borovikova Y. V., Yaretskaya А. Y. Game technologies in the system of health saving in the later age р.51-54

Kudinova Y. V., Kalishkina D. S. Pedagogically based events as an integrative property of the educational system р.55-58
Gunkina L. S. Family in literary and pedagogical heritage of V.V.Budakov р.59-62
Kharkov I. S. Axiological and Gnostic components of the formation of spiritual culture of students-theologs in the orthodox university р.63-66
Brekhova A. V., Dakhin D. V., Chernysheva E. I. Designing information technology competence of future technology and additional education teachers р.67-72

The Humanities

(group of specialties "National history" (07.00.02)
Iskra D.A. The Venevitinovs in Russian history р.73-76
Polonik A. I. Activities of Vologda city council in the spheres of education and urban improvement in 1905–1909 р. 77-80
Zhuravlev S. S. The peasants of Voronezh province and soviet power during the civil war (1917–1922): trust issues р. 81-84
Shamray V. A. Expansion of the Chizhovsky bridgehead of the Voronezh front near Voronezh in the autumn of 1942 р.85-91
Velichko A. V., Golovin E. A., Korovin V. V. Youth participation in restoration and defence construction works on the territory of Kursk region (1943–1944) р. 92-95
Korovin V. V., Kizilova E. V. Participation of local intellectuals in the creation and discussion of projects of the monument dedicated to the victory in the battle of Kursk (1957–1987) р.96-100

Philology (group of specialties "Philological Sciences": "Russian language" (10.02.01); "Theory of language" (10.02.19))
Kosarenko O. T., Kosarenko S. V. On the correlation dependence of associations on syntagmatic relations stimulus–reaction р. 101-105
Rubtsova E.A., Romanova T. Y. To the question of term "Integration" in the system of teaching Russian as a foreign language р.106-111
Falih Mohsin Naser Features of diplomatic discourse in the Arabic and Russian languages (linguistic and cultural aspects) р. 112-117
Gurchenko V. I. The use of predicative phatic communication techniques in English female educational discourse р. 118-123
Bugakova N. B., Popova Y. S. Some peculiarities of functioning of religious vocabulary in I.A. Bunin's world view ("The village", "Tanka", "Antonov apples") р.124-128
Subbotina M.V. Comparative analysis of poetic texts: is there a possible algorithm? р. 129-132
Zavarzina G. A., Jagodina I. D. Woman's image as a basic component of the artistic picture of the world by M. A. Sholokhov (based on the novel "Quiet flows the Don") р. 133-137
Rodina J.D. Textual concept of «Kotik Letaev» and means of its representation in the novel by A. Bely «Kotik Letaev» р. 138-143
Kartashova E. N. TFeatures of the representation of female images of the novel by V.M. Shukshin «The Lubavins » р. 144-148

Psychological Science
Sazonova V.N., Snegireva E.S. Psychological features of economic socialization of modern teenagers р. 149-153
Pushkinа T. F., Guzhenko T. N. Manifestations of bullying in the teenage environment of a rural school р.154-156


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