Журнал Известия ВГПУ
Russian version SCIENTIFIC JOURNAL ISSN 2309-7078

Izvestia VSPU. - 2017. - Vol. 276. - Issue 3.

Pedagogical Sciences

(group of specialties 13.00.00)

Shakurova M.V. Social safety function as a basis for school modeling р.9-14
Retiunskikh Ig. V., Sorokovykh V.V. History and significance of situational approach to education р.11-14
Seligeeva I.R., Yanevich E.S., To the problem of developing associative thinking skills of students in the system of additional education р.15-17

Nekrasova N.I. Moral code in the literary and pedagogical heritage of Saint Joasaph the Bishop of Belgorod р.18-20
Ivlev Al. S. The object of pedagogy in the context of modern perusal of environmental approach to education р.21-25

Guzhva E.G. Improving organizational management activities of the subjects of moral cultural education of the Russian Federation Armed Forces' officers р.26-32
Kalishkina D.S. Analysis of the example as a education in soviet school in the context of socio-pedagogical approach р. 33-35
Urazov A. G., Efremov D.A. Leisure activities of university students: the experience of social pedagogical analysis р. 36-39

Fursova L.V. The study of motivational and emotional communication spheres of college students pursuing the degree in social service р. 40-44
Surkov M. A. Project activities in education in psycho-pedagogical studies р. 45-47
Boeva O. A. Creative independence of students designers and art historians р. 48-51
Zotova A. A. A brief review of scientific research on left-handers' speech production (first half of the XX - the beginning of the XXI century) р. 52-55
Solodovchenko L.N., Grevtseva V.F. Factors of effective implementation of distant learning technologies in foreign language teacher training р.56-58
Eroshenko Y.V. Development of the ethno-culture of future teachers of fine arts in the process of studying decorative-applied art р.59-63

The Humanities

Historical sciences and archeology (group of specialties 07.00.00)
Korotun S.N. Ribensdorf, the German settlement of Voronezh province in the post-reform period р.64-66
Kuznetsov V.V., Buneeva H.N., Perepelitzyn A.V. Activities of self-government bodies of the county towns in Voronezh province in the years of the First world war р. 67-72
Filonenko T.V. From the history of school education in Voronezh province in the first years of soviet power р. 73-76
Muminova E. M. Lieutenant general of aviation P. V. Rychagov: interrupted flight р. 77-85
Filonenko N.V. Battles of the soviet troops for bridgeheads on the Don in july 1942 р. 86-92
Latypov T.R. The battle in Carpathians: military actions of the 38th army of the 1st Ukrainian front in the Carpatho-Dukla offensive operation during the autumn of 1944 р. 93-95
Pechenkin A.A. Soviet generalship in 1941-1945: quantitative and qualitative characteristics р. 100-103
Argunov O.N. To the question of the material provision for work days in the period of agricultural branch restoration in the national economy of Kursk region (1943-1957) р. 104-109
Rybin A.A. Labor resources of Kostroma region on the development of virgin and fallow lands of the RSFSR (1954-1964 years) р.110-112
Bobrinev K.S. War in Southern Rhodesia (1965-1979). Analysis of military actions р. 113-118
Kulueva S.N. Conceptual peculiarities of turkey's justice and development party during the first decade of the XXL century р. 119-124
Toncikh V.A., Perepelitzyn A.V., Lytneva N.A. The image of the enemy in the structure of the national security of the Russian Federation: history and present time р. 125-127
Klyuchnikova N.V. To the question of organizing and conducting a non-traditional lesson in the course of Russia history р. 128-130

Philology (group of specialties Literary criticism 10.01.00 Linguistics 10.02.00)
Kosarenko O.T., Kosarenko S.V. Finding out correlation of morphemes between languages р. 131-135
Grigorenko O.V. Neologisms of the thematic group of Nomina Collectiva in modern Russian language р.136-140
Zagorovskaya O.V., Majmaie Helan Kareem Mohammad Controversial issues of the etymology and semantics of arabic borrowings, functioning in the modern russion language р. 141-145
Alexeeva E.A. Particular qualities of secondary attributive predicate in the french language р. 146-149
Litvinova T.A., Seredin P.V. The study of the suicident's idiostyle dynamics р. 150-154
Galichkina Ye. N. The identification of external interference in the speech of russian bilinguals at the initial stage of the english language learning р. 155-157
Subbotina M.V. "Strange love": verbal embodiment of the patriotic idea in M. YU. Lermontov's and A.A. Blok's lyrics р. 158-162
Panova Y.S. Semantic and pragmatic peculiarities of artistic dialogues introduction and closing in comparative-typological aspect р. 162-167
Arzyamova O.V. The compositional speech organization of russian contemprory fictional discourse in the aspect of structural transformations (on the material of Russian prose of the XXI century) р. 168-171
Zhbankova M.S. Two conquerors of Kazan: Ivan IV in the poem by M.M. Kheraskov «Rossiyada» and the opera by G.R. Derzhavin «Grozny, or the conquest of Kazan» р. 172-175
Pakhtusova V.N. "It's better any revolt, than lifeless repose of philistinism": revisiting the genre traditions of A.Chekhov in the prose of Y. Nagibin р. 176-180
Yadrikhinskaya E.A. The problem of choice of the existential man (on the material of works by A. Camus) р. 181-185
Durov B. Yu. "Vietnamese theme" in Bobbie Ann Mason's novel "In counry" р. 186-190


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