Журнал Известия ВГПУ
Russian version SCIENTIFIC JOURNAL ISSN 2309-7078

Izvestia VSPU. - 2017. - Vol. 274. - Issue 1.

Pedagogical Sciences

(group of specialties 13.00.00)

Klimenko V.V. Live books or a tablet: psychologist's view on modern child intellectual development р.7-17
Plotnikova N.M. Social practices: in search of pedagogical meaning р.18-25
Trofimova N.V. Interaction of a student vounteer with the child in ward: problems and solutions р.26-28
Tatarintseva A.Y., Kuznetsova V.V. Adaptation of first-year-students at a pedagogical university via art technologies р.29-31
Pobedinskaya I.V. Health saving activities of a teacher: research thesaurus р.32-41
Kozlova T.A. Pedagogical study of local lore as an integrative component of education р.42-45
Berdnik N.I. Teacher's subject experience enrichment (on the example of Municipal Budgetary General Education Institution "Olkhovatka secondary general education School") р.46-48
Volkova I.S. Compilation and use of historical and cultural heritage maps in the school course of geographical local lore study р.49-55
Yarkina L.V. Spiritual education of problem children through music р.56-60
Volkova A.N. Promotion of the olympic sports among teenagers as a social pedagogic problem р.61-64

Fufaeva Yu.Yu. Military and pedagogical heritage of the native land р.65-69
Dorodnaya N.B. Musical and educational ideas in the pedagogical heritage of Sergey Miropolsky р. 70-72
Sedova E.E., Shvets A.A. From the history of national education: Russian orphanage in Belgium (1920-1940 years) р. 73-76

Berezkina E.N. Shaping the expressive behavior of the future conductor using a systemic approach р. 77-80
Bortnikova S.A., Bugakov A.I., Molodykh J.S. Pedagogical conditions for personality-oriented approach realization in professional training of physical education teachers р. 81-84
Zolotarev V.A., Syapin V.N. Technologies to enhance readiness of cadets in military higher education institutions for professional self-education р. 85-88
Syachina T.Y. Vocational instructors in Russian education: modern requirements р. 89-91

Sviridov V.V., Kochukova M.V. Structuring a knowledge domain based on the systemic approach р.92-97

The Humanities

Historical sciences and archeology (group of specialties 07.00.00)
Neretina Y.A. New accidental findings of prescythian time horse equipment items in the forest-steppe Don region р.102-104
Merkulov A.N. Bone tools from early scythian time fortified settlement near village Verkhnee Kazachye (excavations 2015) р. 105-107
Zabugina Ye.I. Urbanistic processes in medieval France in the assessment of S.P. Moravskiy р. 108-111
Glazyev V.N. The appointment of local administrators and the society's position in 17th century Russia р. 112-114
Fursov V.N., Kniga M.D. Agricultural education in Russian empire: formation stages р. 115-117
Volkova E.A. Social activity of F.M. Dostoevsky in 1840-1850 years (on the example of participation in the Petrashevsky Circle ) р. 118-121
Dorokhova D.A., Fursov V.N. Institute of conciliators as a factor for the implementation of the emansipation reform of 1861 provisions in Voronezh province р. 122-126
Chvikalov A.I. Social assistance to the population of European Russia at the beginning of the first world war р. 127-131
Kuryanov A.V. Combat operations of the 4th tank corps in the Voronezh-Kastornoye offensive operation р.132-135
Filonenko N.V. Private operation of the first Ukrainian front troops near village Korshev of the Stanislaviv region in july 1944 р. 136-138
Pertsev V.A. Methodological techniques in the study of social sphere in the soviet state (1950s-1980s.) р. 139-142

Philology (group of specialties Literary criticism 10.01.00 Linguistics 10.02.00)
Revyakina T.L. Terms, professionalisms and professional jargonisms in a range of special nominations р. 143-146
Stepanov E.S. On the approaches to a study of precedent names р.147-150
Biryukova E.D. Stylistic component of the meaning of a Russian word and its constituents р. 151-156
Zagorovskaya O.V., Malikovskaya S.I. The objectives of creating and concept of a modern school normative-stylistic dictionary of Russian synonyms р. 157-160
Arzyamova O.V., Compositional linguistic structures of Russian modern fiction discourse: models of organization and interaction (on the material of Russian prose of the XXI century) р. 161-166
Subbotina M.V. "Leitmotif" allusions as a means of intertextuality realization in the poetic texts of Nikolay Gumilyov р. 167-169
Shokhina E.V. Spring topos of Russian poetry: the birds and butterflies р.170-173
Durov B.Yu. War and peace in Tim O'Brien's novel "Going after Cacciato"р. 174-178
Srebryanskaya N.A. Zoonyms in the role of invectives in english destructive communication р. 179-182

Psychology sciences
Astanina N.B. The connection between the belief in a just world and psychological well-being of adolescents: the gender aspect р. 183-188
Koval N.A., Malygina Ju.A. Psychological components of preschool children self-affirmation in the families with high level of claims р. 189-192
Yudina I.O. Game as a factor for child's personality self-realization р. 193-197
Trofimova N.B., Chikina M.A. Gender stereotypes of preschool and primary school children р. 198-201
Shchigoleva N.V., Yozhikova L.V. Loneliness as a problem of social psychology р. 202-205
Gridnev Ye.A., Koval N.A. Social and psychological problems of servicemen in the overcoming of cognitive dissonance р.206-209
Utochkin N.A. Optimism as a scientific problem in the structure of humanitarian knowledge р.210-212
Shelukhanova A.V. False memory as a form of personality psychological protection р. 213-216
Yasinskiy D.V. Developing intercultural communication of medical students in the process of professional education at the present stage р.217-221
Grachev I.A. Dialogue as the basis for successful goal achievement р. 222-225


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