Журнал Известия ВГПУ
Russian version SCIENTIFIC JOURNAL ISSN 2309-7078

Izvestia VSPU. - 2016. - Vol. 272. - Issue 3.

Pedagogical Sciences

(group of specialties 13.00.00)

Reushenko А.А., Women's education in Voronezh province in the second half of xix - early xx century
Udalova N.E. Philosophy of education in the moral teaching of N.F. Fedorov

Volkova I.S. The use of information-communication tehnology (ICT) for the formation of the cartographic culture of schoolchildren
Korznikova T.P.,Prosvetova N.A.,Stepanova M.M., Quest game as an effective form of the organization of educational activity for the preschool child
Yaretskaya A.Y., Features of gaming tecnology appli cation in the system of preschool education
Emelyanova O.N. Educational technology: nature and content

Knyazeva O.N., Civil and patriotic education of university students: the prevention of extremist and terrorist activities among young people

Severinova L.I., Ethnopedagogical culture development in the system of professional training of future music teachers
Frolova O.S., Modelling as a process of innovative competence development of the teacher in the conditions of intra school professional development
Vlasova N.V.,Eroshenko Ju.V.,Кalinin А.V. Forms of students' independent work organization in pedagogical higher school (on the "Fine arts" example profile)
Pisarenko S.A. Skills development of teaching perspective life drawing in the open air
Eroshenko Ju.V.,Vlasova N.V., Кalinin А.V. Training masters of "Fine arts" profile in pedagogical high school
Lavlinskaya O.I. Formation of communicative competence of senior preschool children in their preparation for schooling

The Humanities

Historical sciences and archeology (group of specialties 07.00.00)
Kryuckov M.A., Gapochka S.N. Late stone age findings in settlement Monastyrka-3 in Pobityuzhe: results of 2014-2015 research
Berestnev R.S. The Sarmatians between the don and Volga (a historiographic aspect)
Skinkaytis V.V. Old Russian pottery of Sorokino 1 ancient settlement
Vostrikov P.V. Printers in colonial Virginia. "Virginia gazette"
Shipilov A.V. Horticulture and gardening in Russia in the XVIII century
Buneeva E.N., Perepelitzyn A.V. The three-field farming system in Central Chernozem region in 60-90-ies of the XIX Century
Muminova E.M. Cesarevitch Aleksander about the state of Russian army during Russo-Turkish war 1877-1878
Strakhov L.V. Political reviews of Voronezh governorate gendarme police chiefs in 1880's
Gorbushina A.A. Russian paramedical personnel's professional development and literacy rate in 1890-1917
Markovchin V.V. The eastern branch of white emigration
Dorosh A.A. Policy of the soviet state for religious cults in the Voronezh region in 1953-1960 (on materials of local archives)

Philology (group of specialties Literary criticism 10.01.00 Linguistics 10.02.00)
Zagorovskaya O.V. The norms of Russian literary language: typology and base of classification
Kosarenko O.T.,Kosarenko S.V., Structural and functional equivalence in word-formation nests with root -view- (-VID-) in slavic languages
Balakay A.A., Derivational and lexical semantics of words with the prefixes PRE- and PRI-
Zavarzina G.A, Smolianova A.S. Main development directions of lexical subsystem "Beauty and health" in the Russian language of modern period
Grigorenko O.V.,Revyakina T.L. Internal and external borrowings in the modern youth slang
Golovchanskaya E.A., Biryukova E.D. The estimated agentive dictionary of Russian dialect and its ability to reflect the image of man in the dialect world picture
Arzyamova O.V. The author's direct speech as a means of the creating idiostyleme of the newest Russian fiction discourse
Tangaeva N.I. Spiritual slavs' outlook in «The Russian legends» BY M.N. Makarov
Waffa Khidhir Mohammed Aliel Wiya Feachres diminutive formations in the novel by V. Rasputin "Farewell to Matyora"
Dyogteva Y.N. The other's view: clarification of the definition in the context of Dostoevsky's WORKS
Kolobov V.V. Genre and thematic features of the novel «The black stones» by A.V. Zhigulin (based on the materials of the writer's archive)
Yadrikhinskaya E.A. Particular qualities of the specific style of existentialist writer A. Camus
Scherbakova E.V. Toponyms of London as a text in W. Thackeray's novels "Barry Lyndon's notes", "Vanity fair" and "The newcomers"

Psychology sciences
Trofimova N.B., Ryazhina N.A. Emotional condition of children upon the transition from primary school into the middle link
Kolosova E.V., Polenyakin I.V. Motivation for artistic creativity as a means of students' creativite development at pedagogical universities
Pushkina T.F. Optimization of the patriotic education of an individual
Rogov M.V., Romanchenko N.V. Psychological health of primary school children as a basis for adapting to middle school
Kozhina E.U. The family influence on adolescent development. Prevention of addictive behaviours


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