Журнал Известия ВГПУ
Russian version SCIENTIFIC JOURNAL ISSN 2309-7078

Izvestia VSPU. - 2016. - Vol. 270. - Issue .

Pedagogical Sciences

(group of specialties 13.00.00)

Komarovskay E.P., Zhirkova G.P. Multicultural education in the system of training teachers
Dendeber I.A. Modelling of the process of teenagers' intellectual adaptation to the developmental school education environment
Klimenko V.V. Planning psychosocial support at the beginning of students' socialization
Berdnik N.I. The emotional component of teacher's personal experience enrichment
Ivanova N.A., Bakhtina O.V. Motivating junior schoolchildren's learning activity
Alekhina E.V., Kalishkina D.S. The model method in inclusive school eduational work
Koltakova Ya.G. Prerequisites for the development of the inclusive education system
Lukyanova L.A. Ways of formation of readiness of the teacher to the research organization of pupils' activity
Ostapenko V.S.,Pervushina V.N., Khomenko A.A. Formation of professional and ethical conduct of correctional officers
Bondareva O.N., Knyazeva O.N., Sivolapova E.A. Active and interactive forms of learning as effective
Tarasova S.I. Educational technologies of the action type as a prerequisite for realizing a student-centred approach in specialists' training
Brekhova A.V., Shamanina L.A. Handicrafts teacher training in the modern education paradigm
Kharchenko A.V., Dobrovolskaya N.Y. Facet technology as a method of constructing a bank of practical tasks
Trofimova N.B., Zhukova A.M. Individual position as a basic criterion of students' s moral behavior
Abdalina L.V. Psychological competence as a factor in preventing managers' professional deformation
Kublanov A.M. Structural and meaningful characteristics of professional and personal qualities of a university teacher
Frolova O.S. Innovation and meaningful characteristics of a teacher: structural and meaningful characteristics
Golubeva S.A. The interdependence of life quality and moral identity
Mishin R.G. Dynamics of physical fitness functional condition indicators and young skiers' technical skill in the process of Individual and differentiated approach

The Humanities

Historical sciences and archeology (group of specialties 07.00.00)
Grigorova V.A. Formation and development of personnel training for small-scale industries: past and present
Vihar S.S.. Danish and swedish awards for russian imperial navy
Stеpkin V.V. P.I. Shirokoradov's letter about hieromonch pamva's return to Divnogorye cave monastery: on the russian province characteristics in the 1860s post-reform period
Volski M.V. Management personnel formation of the Russian empire prison system in the latter half of the XIX - early XX centuries
Vihar S.S. Austrian and french awards at the Russian imperial fleet
Ledovskikh E.A. The orthodox clergy of the central black earth provinces at the Russo-japanese warfronts
Liventsev D.V. Voronezh religious crimes in the early twentieth century
Strakhov L.V. The political police and workers' strikes at Voronezh factories during the first world war
Liventsev D.V. Unique feat of hieromonk Anthony
Markovchin V.V. «MONGUGAY» steamer runaway
Scotoni G.R. The last battle of the 8th italian army on the soviet-german front: Pavlograd 12–17 february, 1943
Mikhailik A.G. Soviet historiography of the Red army combat operations on the territory of Hungary in 1944–1945
Mityushkin A.A. Deployment of tank units in offensive operations of an infantry division based on the experience of the Great Patriotic war
Fursov V.N., Ershov B.A., Lubkin Y.Y. Traditions of the russian orthodox church in the sphere of youth patriotic education in modern Russia

Philology (group of specialties Literary criticism 10.01.00 Linguistics 10.02.00)
Dankova T.N., Sivolapova E.A. The origin and development of russian scientific and technical terminological sphere "State and municipal management"
Matei i.K. On the origin of the russian orthodox vocabulary and its genetic groups
Zagorovskaya O.V., Alqudah A.Q.M. Dynamic development processes in the vocabulary of the thematic sphere "Tourism" in the modern russian language
Grigorenko O.V., Rudenya Zh.I. Modern tendencies in compiling of learner's dictionary of the russian language
Litvinova O.A. Bilingualism as a complex phenomenon
Subbotina M.V. Semantic development of the macro-image "demonic You" in M.Y. Lermontov's and A.A. Blok's lyrics
Bachurina E.B. Сonceptual metaphor explications in L.N.Gumilyov's discourse
Arzyamova O.V. The punctuation and graphic image of the newest russian prose (on the material of the early XXI century fiction)
Kulik A.G. A.A. Akhmatova's first academic edition (on the question of poetic heritage integrity)
Kolobov V.V. The chronotope features in A.V. Zhigulin's literary diary

Natural Science

Savotchenko S.Е. Peculiarities of the wave interaction with a point defect in the medium with spatial dispersion
Nazariev R.S. Improving production and territorial structure of Chuvash republic grain economy


Catalog of the Agency "Rospechat", the index is 70731.