Журнал Известия ВГПУ
Russian version SCIENTIFIC JOURNAL ISSN 2309-7078

Izvestia VSPU. - 2015. - Vol. 269. - Issue 4.

Pedagogical Sciences

(group of specialties 13.00.00)

Methodological problems of pedagogy
Tarasova G.K. Humanistic Methods In Educating A Creative Individual
Lukin Y.A. On The Meanings of the "Integration" concept
Russian education today
Tatarintseva A.Yu., Kuznetsova V.V. Art therapy in the course of first-year students' psychological and pedagogical adaptation
Sleptsova M.V. Defining the optimum number of experts for carrying out expert examination in the field of continuous technological education
Emelyanova O.N. Ict in teacher education
Popova O.V. A comparative analysis of the federal state educationstandard requirements formusician training at different levels of education
Pedagogics of national art creativity
Eroshenko Ju.V. The role of the arts and crafts in the national art and cultural space
Modern problems of education: theory and practice
Kartashova M.M. The spiritual essence of the teacher's activity: historical and pedagogical analysis
Garipova I.O. On some aspects of teaching activityorganization in polyethnicenvironment
Kalishkina D.S. The teacher as a model to follow for schoolchildren: re-evaluating the desired image
Penkova A.A. Professional determinacy of pedagogical higher education institutioneducational system

The Humanities

Historical sciences and archeology (group of specialties 07.00.00)
Berezytskii V.D., Kileynikov V.V. The late catacombal burial at the barrow burial ground at the village of novaya chigla on the left bank of the middle don
Fedyunin I.V. Mesolithic culturesof the forest-steppe don
Liventsev D.V. Inequality in the officer corps ranks of the Russian fleet
Sysoeva L.N. The council of ministers of the Russian empire's activity in the first half of 1915
Shchukin D.V. The 2ndstate duma of the russian federation (1996–1999) in the contemporary history of the Russian parliamentarism
Scotoni G.R. Management of the german liaison groups and the crisis of the 8th ARMY'S headquarters during the soviet offensive "Little Saturn"
Mikhaylik A.G. The failure of the operation "Spice Garden": a parry of the 3nd Ukrainian front counterattack the enemy in the area of Budapest in january – february 1945
Filonenko T.V., Dorosh A.A., The activities of the anti-religious propaganda conducted in the Voronezh region in 1950–1953 years

Philology (group of specialties 10.00.00)
Kornilov N.I. The stoics'logical ideas and modern syntactic study
Kosarenko O.T., Kosarenko S.V. The accentuation of verbs belonging to wordfamilies with the topwords "look" and "see" and their stylistic variants
Zavarzina G.A. On the laws of the russian lexical system development (in the lexical subsystem of public administration)
Shevchenko I.S. The history of the semantics of the word "greed" in the russian language
Biryukova E.D. Semantic and stylistic differences of agentives with the general meaning "woman" in the modern russian language
Subbotina M.V. Verbal representation of the love motif and its modifications in M.Y. Lermontov's and D.V. Enevitinov'slyrics
Litvinova T.A., Litvinova O.A., Ryzhkova E.S., Biryukova E.D., Zagorovskaya O.V. The study of building a coherent monologic text by individuals with different profiles of lateral organization: methods and approaches
Antonova L. A., Khrenova N. F. Associative relations of information units used in a grammar oriented educational hypertext
Zagorovskaya O.V. Semantization possibilities of the russian word in amodern multidimensional dictionary for learners of russian as a foreign language
Lantyukhova N.N. Some psychological and linguistic aspects of language activity of old people

Psychology (group of specialties 19.00.00)
Zolotareva I.I. To the question about the essence of social responsibility of today's youth
Jasinski D.V. Features of intercultural communication as a means of promoting intercultural tolerance at the present stage
Meshcheryakova I.N. Peculiarities of motivation of educational activity of students-psychologists of different years
Klepach Yu.V., Razuvayeva O.O. Features educational and professional motivation and anxiety in students-psychologists and students of medical college
Shchigoleva N.V. Organization of psychological-pedagogical support of students in the process of adaptation at the university
Monastyrev S.N. The coefficient of variability of the response style to conflicts as an index of sportsmen's adaptation to problem situations

Natural Science

Potapov A.S. On some geometric characteristics of banach spaces associated with the measures of non-compactness
Pomerantsev Yu.A. Features of superconducting phase transition due to pairing of the carriers by coulomb repulsion


Catalog of the Agency "Rospechat", the index is 70731.