Журнал Известия ВГПУ
Russian version SCIENTIFIC JOURNAL ISSN 2309-7078

Izvestia VSPU. - 2015. - Vol. 268. - Issue 3.

Pedagogical Sciences

(group of specialties 13.00.00)

Pre-school and Primary Education in the New Standards Context
Shpyg Yu.V. Organization of educator certification in the Voronezh region in accordance with the requirements of the modern regulatory framework
Stukalova G.P. Implementation problems of the Federal State Educational Standard of Primary General Education
Ivanova N.A., Bakhtina O.V. The implementation of the requirements of the Federal State Educational Standard of Primary General Education in modern mathematics textbooks for elementary school
Lebedintseva V.A. Creative math assignment for B.Ed students specializing in primary education
Panicheva V.V. Problems of professional competency development of pedagogical university students
Laptieva G.G. On the question of the state final bachelor certification
Perekopnaya S.A. Modern approaches to the preschool educational establishment management
Kolomeets A.V. Organization of effective work on mathematical development of children in preschool educational establishments in the light of the FSES of Preschool Education requirements
Lavlinskaya O.I. Preschoolers' communicative competence formation with due regard to the Federal State Education Standard of Preschool Education
Boguslavets I.A. Formation of senior preschoolers' communicative competence by means of the socio-game technology
Rakitina I.V. The implementation of the integrative approach in the context of the new Russian Standards of Preschool Education
Rogozina E.A. The folk doll as a means of preschoolers' introduction to the origins of folklife culture
Belogurov A.Yu. Review of the monograph by E.P. Belozertsev, V.V. Budakov, V. Varava "The Philosophical and Pedagogical Heritage of the Homeland" (Voronezh, Voronezh State Pedagogical University, 2015)

The Humanities

Historical sciences and archeology (group of specialties 07.00.00)
Kornienko T.V., Taltynov O.V., Shiryayeva E.V. The Japanese prisoners of war's daily life in Pow camp № 48
Grigorova V.A. Tambov province handicrafts in the latter half of the XIX century: historical and economic aspects
Silin S.V. Ethics and morality of the French revolution
Bashkireva N.V. The evolution of the local administration powers in relation to rural and volost gatherings in the Russian village of the latter half of XIX – early XX centuries (on the materials of Voronezh province)
Merkulov A.N., Rodionov A.M. Scythian fortified-settlement observation near Ustye village on the upper Don (in 2014)
Shipilov A.V. Shortage of forage resources in traditional Russian stock raising (XVIII century)
Liventsev D.V. Volunteer fleet sailing to Sakhalin penal servitude

Philology (group of specialties 10.00.00)
Zagorovskaya O.V. The typological varieties of the Russian national language and the forms of its existence at the beginning of the XXI century
Piotrovskaya L.A. The Syntagmatic connections of words denoting verbal and cogitative processes: on the syntactic norm
Kretov A.A. On the so-termed "orthographic character" of Moscow phonological school
Stolyar O.L. Linguistic prerequisites forlanguage identity developmentn
Timoshina T.V. Identification of new word meanings by association experiment
Zagorovskaya O.V., Litvinova T.A. Principles of organization and a formal grammar of the multiaspect automated dictionary of person nominations Voronezh dialects
Arzyamova O.V. Conceptual embodiment of ethno-cultural mentality in Karine Arutyunova's fictional prose
Nedelina L.S., Chervaneva V.A. The interpretation of the сoncept "holiness" in archimandrite Tikhon's (Shevkunov) book "Everyday saints and other stories" (Nesvyatye Svyatye)
Vasilieva E.V. Chesterton's understanding of the spiritual crisis at the turn of ХХ century
Khripunova I.I. Literary text perception and problems of axiological meaning recognition in the course of translation
Zhatkin D.N. Vera Merkurieva: translator of the English poets

Psychology (group of specialties 19.00.00)
Lanina N.V. Psychological support of prospective teachers' emotional development
Uvarov E.A. The psychology of controlling chaos in social systems
Krasova E.Y. Ethnic stereotypes in Voronezh citizens' mass consciousness
Kolosova E.V. Students' self – esteem and success in learning activity
Mironova N.I. Schoolchildren's attitude to learning as a factor of cognitive activity
Starov M.I., Baranovski M.S. The problem of studying and developing students' spiritual and moral attitudes

Questions Humanities
Dayneko E.Yu., Dayneko V.G. Intercompany intellectual capital growth

Natural Science

Valeri V. Obukhovskii Differential inclusions and optimization of feedback control systems
Kornev S.V. On nonsmooth integral guiding functions in the study of asymptotics of solutions for a class of functional differential equations
Svistova I.D., Kuvshinova N.M., Nazarenko N.N. The influence of the Asteraceae family plants on the complex of soil micromycetes
Verzilin V.V., Butenko V.A., Kadirov F.S. The ecological role of primary tillage in the Central Black Earth region agrocenoses
Ryazantsev A.S., Petrosyan G.G. Territorial tourism and recreation systems of Voronezh region
Khudyakova T.M., Grekova O.B., Kravchenko V.V. Prerequisites for the grain industry cluster formation in Voronezh region
Matveyev Y.V., Matveyeva L.I. The formation factors of the Bitiug area agro-industrial complex, Voronezh region, in keeping with economic reforms
Grosheva E.S., Kondusova Y.V., Kryuchkova A.V., Poletaeva I.A., Knyazeva A.M. First-year students as an addiction risk group
Grosheva E.S., Kartysheva S.I., Poletaeva I.A., Kondusova Yu.V. The problem of the modern first-year students' balanced diet
Otrishko T.A. On creating a project for courses of simulation based on a cyclic combustion task


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