Журнал Известия ВГПУ
Russian version SCIENTIFIC JOURNAL ISSN 2309-7078

Izvestia VSPU. - 2014. - Vol. 265. - Issue 4.

Kryukov А.S. 10th Eichenbaum reading

On the scientific biography of Eichenbaum
Jakobson R. Boris Eichenbaum (October 4, 1886 - November 24, 1959)
Egorov B.F. From the diary (2.ХI.1984)
Akinshin А.N. Boris Eichenbaum in Voronezh: family and friendly environment
Safonov S.А. B.M. Eichenbaum: Voronezh – Petersburg in the beginning)
Robinson М.А., Sazonova L.I. Early scientific biography of B.M. Eichenbaum
Shchedrina G.K. B. Eichenbaum at the state institute of art history
Taborisskaya Е.М. Two receptions of Eichenbaum's personality (A.L. Schwartz and V.A. Kaverin)
Taborisskaya Е.М. B.M. Eichenbaum and L.Y. Ginzburg (the portrayed and the portrayer)
Chugunov Е.Е. B.M. Echenbaum in "The other science" by Y.S. Levchenko
Kryukov A.S. "While I am declared alive..."
Neustroev D.V., Khachaturian L.V. Textual features of B.M. Eichanbaum's diary entries
Gaiduk V.L. B. Eichenbaum's diaries as a historical source
Egorov B.F. Books from B.M. Eichenbaum's library in my collections
Lavrov А.V. B.M. Eichenbaum in the literary newspaper "Irida"

Scientific heritage of B.M. Eichenbaum in modern literary criticism
Moshenko Е.G. B.M. Eichenbaum: scientific heritage aspects
Orlitski Yu.B. The theory of verse and prose and their interaction in B.M. Eichenbaum's philosophy
Shatin Yu.V. B.M. Eichenbaum and V.M. Zhirmunskiy: the two interpretations of the verse melody
Movnina N.S. Leskov and Eichenbaum: on the relation of rhetoric and history of literature
Evdokimova О.V. N.S. Leskov and B.M. Kusdodiev: prospects themes
Rudometkin I.V. Eichenbaum's concept of the literary tale
Dykhanova B.S. Research method limitations and the infinity of the artistic text (B.M. Eichenbaum on Leskov's last period of creative writing)
Shelaeva A.A. B.M. Eichenbaum on the novel genre in N.S. Leskov's artistic work: quotation commentary
Paykov N.N. The poetic topic in N.A. Nekrasov's lyrics
Shpilevay G.А. N.A. Nekrasov's fiction in the light of Eichenbaum's concept of "mass literature"
Molchanova N.А. B.M. Eichenbaum on the Russian symbolism (in his articles and research of 1910 - early 1920)
Kapinos Е.V. The "lyrical hero" and the space of the text in Y.N Tynyanov's and B.M. Eichenbaum's works (the 1921 collection of articles "On Alexander Blok")
Safonov S.А. B.M. Eichenbaum's lost article about Anna Akhmatova
Temnenko G.М. Eichenbaum on Akhmatova: a retrospective of an aphorism
Аleinikov О.Yu. The parody of «The history of a town» in B. Eichenbaum's and A. Platonov's artistic vision
Gryaznova А.Yu. A. Platonov's story "The sand teacher" in the ideological context of B.M. Eichenbaum's article "Literature and literary life"
Zhitenev А.А. The destruction of catharsis: the parameters of artistry in E. Fanailova's lyrics

The problem of poetics of an art text
Artemova S.Yu. The lyrical text genre reading in the 20th century (to the question of the formalists' idea of the genre shift)
Sharafadinа K.I. French and Victorian etiquette "Language of flowers": the dialogue of cultural mentalities
Dihanova B.S. Again about the "hints" and "lessons" of Pushkin's folk stylization ("The tale of the fisherman and the fish»)
Kudasova V.V. "The odyssey of the last romantic" by A.P. Grigoriev: the ratio of lyrical and epic
Rubinchik О.Е. "May Hoffman walk with me to the corner...": Hoffmann and Chagall are the satellites of Akhmatova
Yablokov Е.А. Riddles of the bath lane (fragments of the commentary on the plays "Bliss" and "Ivan Vasilievich" by M.A. Bulgakov)
Fomenko I.V., Minko O.N. The title-anthroponym and the system of names (on the material of the novel "The Master and Margarita" by M. Bulgakov)

Sobolev P.V. I was. I went away. I am with you...


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