Журнал Известия ВГПУ
Russian version SCIENTIFIC JOURNAL ISSN 2309-7078

Izvestia VSPU. - 2015. - Vol. 267. - Issue 2.

Pedagogical Sciences

(group of specialties 13.00.00)

Educational heritage
Belyaev V.I. National rural labor school of S.A. Rachinsky
Savchenko T.A. Research principle in the pedagogy of S.T. Shatskiy
Khoroshko L.V. Research approach in the building of holistic educational process by A.S. Makarenko
Lukin Yu.A. Interpretation of pedagogical meanings
Eroshenko Yu.V. Use of national art culture of Voronezh region in the course of professional training of future teachers of fine arts

Russian education today
Vostroilova E.V. In the search for the ways to deal with crisis phenomena in education
Pisarev V.E.,Pisarev D.V. Error of the education system
Bondarenko T.E. Identity transformations as a means of computing rationalisation: methodolodgical aspects of teaching
Chumakovа V.V., Daineko V.V. Digital education resources and cognitive manipulations in training
Makotrova G.V. Popular science texts of the internet in teaching practice of high school students
Maltseva T.I. Role of historical commentation in the development of orthographic correctness of junior school students
Rakitina I.V. Specific features of us preschool education in the context of new standards of Russian preschool education
Zakharova M.A., Karpacheva I.A. Professional training of a creative teacher
Gorbacheva S.S. On the formation of communicative competence of master students specializing in higher professional education
Sakharov Y.E., Yeremin V.S. Conceptual aspects of test development for the master's final interdisciplinary examination on "Pedagogical education"
Silin A.A. Professional training of employees of the interior ministry in the light of the new law "On education in Russian Federation"
Кalinin А.V., Vlasova N.V. The project method as a tool for the determination of the formation of future fine arts teachers competences at the stage of state certification
Petelin A.S., Novikova S.S. Scientific and pedagogical bases of hermeneutic competence formation of a performer and teacher
Shcheglova T.M. Technology of forming project competence of prospective clothes design specialists in the system of secondary vocational education
Solodovchenko L.N., Grevtseva V.F. Technology for the development of a set of assessments tools for competency-based education programme
Kareva L.A. Technology of teaching audition in the process of foreign language communication
Bayukova N.O. Socio-pedagogical work of a curator with freshmen in high school

The Humanities

Historical sciences and archeology(group of specialties 07.00.00)
Gapochka S.N. Middle Don Neolithic culture and early Neolithic Don forest-steppe districts
Razuvaev Y.D. Excavation on the semiluksky hillfort in 2014
Yanish E.Yu., Merkulov A.N. Skythian time osteological collection from mostishche ancient settlement
Buneeva E.N., Perepelitzyn A.V. Count Dmitry Petrovich Buturlin: pages of the life of an enlightened aristocrat
Alilueva N.A. Imperial charity for the Russian fleet in the period of the Crimea War
Bezuglov A.M. Water rescue in Voronezh province in the late XIXth – early XXth century
Shchukin D.V. The election procedure for the third Duma of Russia in the early XX century
Liventsev D.V. The Red Don flotilla of Voronezh Region

Philology(group of specialties 10.00.00)
Gorlanov G.E. The problem of the Russian character in the works by M.Y. Lermontov
Cherkasova (Apenok) R.S. The idea of self-improvement in the works of Russian authors in XV–XVI centuries
Motashkova S.V. Postmodernity and intertextuality as problems of the interaction between the author and reader
Petrova N.V. Game «Travelling in time and space» as the means of fairy tale modification
Zaytseva L.Y. Stylistic functions of aithor's ojective retrospective in the novel "Drei Kameraden" by E.M. Remarque
Arzyamova O.V. Dynamic trends in the syntax of Russian fiction in the beginning of XXI century
Pravda E.A. The ways of expression comparison in the language of Russian poetry: huclear structures
Grigorenko O.V. Dictionary and practical adaptation of new words in Russian language in the xviii century (translated dictionaries, foreign words dictionaries and encyclopedic editions)
Matey I.K. Dictionary as a source of the information about spiritual culture of people
Dankova T.N. Changes in the content of Russian agricultural terms at the turn of the XX–XXI centuries (on the material of crop industry terminology)
Litvinova T.I. Zoomorphic metaphor as a means of conceptualisation of the political reality in Germany
Kapkova S.Yu., Martynova M.A., Using of lexicographical tools in computer-mediated communication
Palagina O.I. Features of evaluative predicates (on the material of the french forum)
Litvinova T.A., Litvinova О.A.Text-based deception detection: state-of-the-art and perspectives
Srebryanskaya N.A., Kuzmin A.A. Teaching English vocabulary with the meaning «Profession» as an element of the formation of secondary language personality
Popova E.A. Training in culture dialog on English lessons: a linguo-culturological approach
Glukhova N.V. Metaphor translatability in Brothers Grimm's fairy tales

Psychology(group of specialties 19.00.00)
Koval N.A., Malygina Yu.A. Child's self-assertion in the preschool years: essence, approaches, contents
Solyankina L.E. Acmeogram as an information-psychological program of the development and stimulation of professional and personal bachelor acmes
Pushkina T.F. Emotional and value aspects of personality civism
Kochergin V.B., Ovod V.V., Shiran A.A. Pedagogical culture of a military teacher: theoretical and methodological basics of study and development
Purtova S.I. Analysis of the peculiarites of emotional excitability of future teachers-psychologists
Gridnev E.А. Psychological content of cognitive dissonance of servicemen in adapting to the new speciality
Larskikh M.V. Individually-typological determinants for student's perfectionism
Meshcheryakova I. N. Forming a healthy lifestyle among psychology students


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