Журнал Известия ВГПУ
Russian version SCIENTIFIC JOURNAL ISSN 2309-7078

Izvestia VSPU. - 2015. - Vol. 266. - Issue 1.

Pedagogical Sciences

(group of specialties 13.00.00)

Educational heritage
Belyaev V.I., Karunin S.A. A virtual ascetic athlete of the Russian land (700-th anniversary of St. Sergius of Radonezh)
Nekrasova N.I. Saint Joasaph of Belgorod's works as a literary and pedagogical heritage
Kulnevich T.V. Life and work of surgeons of the Voronezh region as a value and spiritual basis of Russian education
Lukash S.N. Methodological bases of the Cossacks pedagogy in the system of higher professional pedagogical education
Panicheva A.K. Maintenance and development of national and cultural values in folk groups of the Voronezh region
Naletova N.Y. The national idea of Russia

Russian education today
Belozertsev E.P. «Russian space» and the national education philosophy
Borisova T.A. Pedagogical context of personal identity: the experience of historical and philosophical analysis
Gagaev A.A., Gagaev P.A. On spiritual health and pedagogy
Grigoriev A.I., Bugakov A.I. The problem of health care in today's schools
Kozlova T.A. Pedagogical regional studies: integration of the scientific knowledge and practical experience of a person
Netsenko O.V. The concept of the artistic and cultural environment: the urgency of introduction into pedagogics
Chursina E.A., Tukish V.A. «Regional Christmas educational conference» - core element in the formation of cultural and educational environment of the of Magadan citi
Kartashova M.M. Spiritual and moral formation of person: problems of modern education
Grigorieva A.I. Experience in research and professional support to the development of humanistic pedagogic systems of educational organizations in Tula region
Zaika L.V., Prosvetova N.A., Ispolinova G.N. The educational system of a small school (municipal budgetary general educational institution "Sinegubovskaya school", Chernskii rayon of Tula oblast)
Nevzorova M.S., Petelin A.S. The principle of freedom in fostering students' responsibility to academic and cognitive activity
Davydova L.S. Development of creative imagination in childhood
Leonova N.P. The activities of the deputy head of educational-methodical work of preschool educational organization in modern conditions: rethinking accents
Shakurova M.V. Professional adaptation of young specialists in the context of professional and personal lack of demand: some conceptual provisions
Efremov D.A. Features of self-government and self-regulation in a student academic group
Maleva A.A. The educational component of the extracurricular activity system of pedagogical higher school students
Karpacheva I.A., Zakharova M.A. Socio-pedagogical preconditions for the formation of educators' research competence

The Humanities

Historical sciences and archeology(group of specialties 07.00.00)
Fedyunin I. V. New findings of bone tools from the forest-steppe Don
Ruchkina L.N. Problems of education in legislative activities of conservative-protective direction parties in Russia (1907-1916)
Shchukin D.V. The legislative initiative of the party of cadets in the budget of the Russian empire in the Third State Duma of the early twentieth century
Liventsev D.V. The chronicle of the Voronezh crimes in the beginning of XX century
Razuvaev Y.D. Fortification housing estate of Scythian time for the Hillfort at Dubiki's village

Philology(group of specialties 10.00.00)
Golovanova E.I. The Russian language and traditional values of Slavic culture
Lee V.S. Conceptualization of the moral representations in the Russian language picture of the world
Golovanov I.A. Spiritual constants of the Russian national consciousness in folklore recordings in the XX-XXI centuries
Shumarin S.I. Cultural connotations in abbreviation semantics
Kosarenko O.T., Kosarenko S.V. On the invective discourse in the modern Russian language reality (a lingvo-cultural aspect)
Kornilov N.V. The phenomenon of banter in the information society
Kretov A.A. Russian spelling and challenges of the computer age
Piotrovskaya L.A. Word-formation rules in the aspect of speech culture
Zagorovskaya O.V. Standard variance in the Russian language at the beginning of 21st century and problems of development of modern learning stylistic vocabulary
Stukolova G.P. The ontological status of text
Litvinova T.A. Russian written text as a source of the information on the personality of its author (on the material of text corpus of the "personality" new type)
Chikvanidze A.A. The influence of bilingualism on the formation of linguistic identity of students
Kazhigaliyeva G.A. A technological component in the language training of the higher school students
Vasileva E.V. Problems of overcoming mythologization in the Russian language teaching
Popova E.A. Regionally focused precedent texts at lessons of the Russian language
Bizhkenova A.Y. Modern requirements for training teachers of foreign languages in Kazakhstan
Shovkova T.А. Methods of teaching students grammar structures subjective modality in written speech
Nefyodov O.V. Prospects for creating a textbook for large multilevel groups of non-linguistic university students

Psychology(group of specialties 19.00.00)
Moskalenko O.V. University science prospects from the position of higher school psycho-didactics
Abdalina L.V., Gladkikh I.G. The problem of analyzing a social worker's creativity in psychology
Trofimova N.B. The dynamics and deformation of young people's values
Lanina N.V. Psychological problems of a modern person's consciousness development
Soldatova I.N. Education of the beauty: problems and perspectives
Enikova O.Yu. Personal self-perception psychological determinants of a senior preschooler
Klepach Yu.V., Gridyaeva L.N., Sergeyeva E.D. Special features of teachers' emotional burnout
Zinchenko T.O., Grushina I.A. Junior schoolchildren's concept of happiness
Akinshina S.E. Features of gender identity of the person in different age groups


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