Журнал Известия ВГПУ
Russian version SCIENTIFIC JOURNAL ISSN 2309-7078

Izvestia VSPU. - 2014. - Vol. 264. - Issue 3.

Pedagogical Sciences

Educational heritage
Belozertsev E.P. Education of human in a globalized word: a word about V.A. Razumniy
Reprintsev А.V. Antropological foundations of philosophical and pedagogical concept
Bulatnikov I.Е. Ethical foundations of philosophical and pedagogical concept
Parkhomenko N.А. Genesis of the ideals of education in philosophical and pedagogical concepts
Alentyeva T.V. Hystoriosophy of A.V. Razumniy: a cultural-historical approach to human evolution

Russian education today
Stoyanovskaya М.А. Problems of the modern society as the source of the identity concept development in postmodernism
Moskvina N.B. Personal and professional distortions of university teachers: the attempt of self-diagnosis
Yudina N.P. Axiological basis of Russian education in the context of national teaching tradition
Dykhanov S.V. Educate while teaching
Kalinin А.V. Methodological foundations of the modern lesson: why are educational goals out of the teacher's sight?
Kornev V.Т., Korneva М.S. Quality managment education at the school level
Sedova Е.Е., Ponomareva S.V. The role of the teacher in personal development of pupils of the cadet corps (on the example of Voronezh Mikhailovsky cadet corps in the XIX century)
Kapranova V.А. Project-based learning in high school: historical and technological aspects
Ostapenko R.I. Student's information and mathematical competence formation through self-diagnosis
Lobachev V.V., Rykunov Y.N., Schceglevatyh A.N. The teacher's vocational training of in the course of student teaching and independent study
Bugakov А.I., Rykunov Yu.N., Kamenovskij V.A. The model of the theacher's professional activity style formation
Pleshakov А.N., Gaenskaya О.V., Grigorieva I.P. Pedagogical conditions in educational process used in training teachers of physical education
Ryzhenkov А.Yu. Pedagogical problems of creative collective functioning
Fedii О.А. Aesthetotherapy as a phenomenon of educational anthropology: from the educational traditions to the modernization realities
Bodina Е.А. The problem of music education efficiency in modern foreign pedagogy
Semenova N.V. Children's social organizations in the system of social education of children and youth: historical experience and evaluation of the potential

Spiritual and moral formation of man
Gatilova N.N. Spirituality as basic characteristic of human being (by St. Ignatius Brianchaninov papers)
Khokhlova А.B. The problem of spiritual and moral eduaction of man in the heritage of Theofan the Recluse
Menshikov V.М., Akinshin V.V. Spiritual and moral education in the training system of martial arts athletes

The Humanities

Historical sciences and archeology
Merkulov А.N. The iron axes of the Scythian period middle Don culture
Astashova А.N. The rite of ploughing or expulsion of cow's death in Voronezh province in the second half of the nineteenth century
Liventsev D.V. Unknown memories of the chief lieutenant P.P. Schmidt

Antonova L.А., Khrenova N.F. Information units in an educational hypertext
Morozova М.Kh. All-encompassing unity as a fundamental dominant of Prishvin's works

Dayneko Е.Yu., Dayneko V.G. Intellectual property market products and enhancing competitiveness of intellectual capital


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