Журнал Известия ВГПУ
Russian version SCIENTIFIC JOURNAL ISSN 2309-7078

Izvestia VSPU. - 2014. - Vol. 263. - Issue 2.

Pedagogical Sciences

Educational heritage
Shahin Е.G. K.D. Ushinsky and the culture of study of human biography
Pashkov А.G. The evolution of the principle of nationality in education: from communal collectivist tradition to imposing individualism and social anomie
Menshikov V.M. Innovative potential of K.D. Ushinsky's pedagogy
Lifinceva N.I. K.D. Ushinsky's psychology of education in the space-time education of modern man
Basova V.M. Narodnost (nationality) as a leading principle of education in schools of a small town
Belyaev V.I., Savchenko T.А. The interaction between basic and additional education in the experience of Russian teachers-innovators

Russian education today
Litvinovich V.G. Culture of peace as a basic culture of students
Grigoriev А.I. Education in the perspective of the future of the mankind
Krikunov А.Е. Education as a process of becoming the perfect
Kucherova О.Е. Axiological reception in the educational process of pedagogical higher educational institutions
Podushkinа I.М. Innovative aspects of teaching in the context of modernization of russian education: what should be a Russian teacher?
Ostapenko А.А. Education by nonentity or education by authenticity?
Korshunova N.L. Activity approach in modern education: essence, problemyne zones, future implementation
Hagurov Т.A. Pragmatization as a factor of disintegration. Notes of a sociologist about the impact of the education goals on social dynamics
Pashkevich V.V. Moral self determination of students: concepts, strategies, orientations

Modern problems of social and special pedagogy
Vahobzhonova Z.B. Study results on communication skills and experience of their formation with preschool children with severe speech disorders in the situation of educational integration
Veretennikov I.V. Early comprehensive care for children with severe visual impairment: problems and prospects
Lepeshev D.V. Social and philosophical aspects of modern education of victimized teenagers
Gladkaya V.V. New training content of social and domestic guidance for students with intellectual disabilities

Foreign and comparative pedagogy
Gnilusha N.V. Professional environmental education in Ukraine universities
Demidenko S.А. Comparison of Russian and Belarusian phraseological units as a means of corrective pedagogical work on lexicon formation with students with severe speech disorder in the process of second language learning

Psychology of education
Abdalina L.V., Ryzhkova E.N. A higher school instructor professionalism as a psycho-acmeological problem
Abdalina L.V. Psychological characteristics of innovation of high school teachers
Shiran А.А. Some aspects of a personal and professional development process of the military instructor

Kupriyanov B.V. He is sent to prison for dead children

The Humanities

Philosophy, sociology
Borsyakov Yu.I., Korovin S.V. Hypertext as an object of social-philosophical analysis
Dayneko Е.Yu., Dayneko V.G. Services of the intellectual capital and the development of rent relations in the innovation economy

History, political science
Fedyunin I.V. The research history of the final palaeolithic and mesolithic of the upper Don
Shipilov А.V. Peter the great reforms as a sociogenic process
Kuznetsov V.V. Activities of the municipal self-goverment of Voronezh province to support the national education
Liventsev D.V. The wounded and dead Voronezh sailors in the second half of XIX – early XX centuries
Bashkireva N.V. Local authorities and bodies of peasant self-government: experience of interaction in the Russian village at the turn of the 20th century (as exemplified in the Voronezh province)
Sysoeva L.N. The participation of the representatives of the senior administration of the Russian Empire in preparation and realization of agrarian reorganization of the beginning of the XX century
Kalinichenko V.V. Land society in the village of UKRSSR (1922–1930's)
Chernoboeva T.N., Dovger V.K. At origins of war-patriotic upbringing in Voronezh Pedagogical Institute
Klyuchnikova N.V. Some aspects of the organization test students' knowledge of history in a secondary school

Philology, linguistics
Getmantsev S.М. National specific features of the field models of adjectives denoting size (in the Russian and in the English languages)
Getmantsev S.М., Kasheersky S.N. The problem of studying different types of language consciousness
Logvinenko S.V. "Master of the forest" and "Tsar of the nature": moral and ethical choices as a key stage of initiation in the novel "Osudareva doroga" by M.M. Prishvin
Pravda Е.А. On the question of negative comparisons
Srebryanskaya N.А., Martynova Е.А. Features of communication between authorities and people in English anti-utopia

Natural Sciences

Dyakova N.А., Samylina I.А., Slivkin A.I., Gaponov S.P., Kukuyeva L.L., Velikanova L.А. Study of change dynamics of chemical composition of central black soil region herb resources in the conditions of anthropogenic load
Konyaev B.Ya. Results of long-term nickel corrosion tests in sulphuric acid solutions with propynol addition
Sviridov V.V., Mitrokhin V.I. Invariants of kinematically localized electronic state spectrum in planar heterostructures


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