Журнал Известия ВГПУ
Russian version SCIENTIFIC JOURNAL ISSN 2309-7078

Izvestia VSPU. - 2014. - Vol. 262. - Issue 1.

Pedagogical Sciences

Russian education today
Shakurova M.V. Modern school challenges: from education to socialization
Pashkevich V.V. Problems of moral identity of pupils under conditions of social and cultural transformations: specificity, risks, age peculiarities
Logvinova S.А. Problems of the modern information society
Skripnikova L.V. Modern approaches to quality management in specialist training in higher educational institutions
Malev V.V. On the development of the concept of the fund of estimation means
Brekhova А.V. Master's course unit «Modern problems of science»: conceptual framework, content, technologies
Nevzorova M.S., Nevzorova Т.V., Petelin А.S. Formation of students' responsible attitude to the educational-cognitional activity
Shvanova L.V., Ivanova N.А. The method of project-based teaching in the forming of students' research skills
Berdnik N.I. Peculiarities of the organization of extracurricular school activities according to the new requirements of Federal State Educational Standards (FSES)
Firstova E.V. Peculiarities of the pedagogical interaction with orphaned students

Art and pedagogical education
Bredikhin А.P. Problems of modern art-teacher education in the context of the «modernization»: time of lost illusions
Yefremova I.V. Testing and analysis of the level of musical taste formationin the fifth – sixth form students
Seligeeva I.R. Means of the actualization of the creative potential of students at an art education faculty
Dronova Т.А., Dronova А.А. Essence of the pedagogical creativity

Anniversary of the scientist
Zabrodina Yu.M., Khudyakova Т.L. Psycho-pedagogical education: from its origins to the perspectives (the 90th anniversary of the birth of Ivan Myagkova are dedicated)
Duvanova S.P., Yurov Yu.V. Problems of the psychotherapy and psychocorrection in I.F. Myagkov's writings
Zavgorodnyaya I.V. Mainstream tendencies of the development of psychology and prospects of higher psychological education
Khudyakova T.L., Sevryukova А.N. Peculiarities of the professional training of psychologists at the cCurrent stage of the modernization of higher professional education
Gaidar K.M. Training of professional psychologists in higher educational institutions: new contradictions and problems
Sarychev S.V., Chernyshova O.V. Social and psychological problems of students' professional development
Malyutina O.P. Problems of the mathematical preparation of students-psychologists
Mesheryakova I.N. Interconnection of the emotional intelligence and leadership of psychology students
Sergeyeva E.D., Klepach Yu.V., Gridyaeva L.N. Psycho-pedagogical interaction of participants of the educational process during the preprofilе training
Kunakovskaya L.A., Okhrimenko T.V. Psychological and pedagogical training of the staff of the "nanny for an hour" service and their interaction with pre-school and junior school children
Melanina I.I. Target and instrumentation block of the normative regulation of group subject's vital activity
Kochetova T.V. On the psychological mechanisms of the strategies of the antisocial behaviour
Makushina О.P. Propensity to the suicidal behaviour amongst teenagers with interpersonal connectivity
Markova I.I. Special aspects of young delinquents' marital and family concept
Logvinov I.V. Personal anxiety of youth leaders from the regions of the Chernobyl track: a gender aspect
Zinchenko T.O. Gender peculiarities of teenagers' attitude to health
Yurov Yu.V. Ascent to the psychological health
Yuryev A.N. Theoretical approaches to the study of spiritual/moral aspects of individual culture

Psychology of education
Lanina N.V. Psychological problems of the development of the consciousness of a modern person
Vinokurova O.V. Formation of the subjectivity of senior preschoolers in the dynamics of socio-emotional development
Klimenko V.V. Subject play activity as the motivation of child development at the preschool age
Avramova T.I. Training forms of the psychological work with students as a method of the development of personal competence Abstract. The
Soliankina L.E. Student's careergram: its meaning and structure

Philosophical and pedagogical otchiy krai heritage
Гладкий Ю.Н. «Родной край»: к феноменологии понятия
Pirozhkov G.P. Study of the fatherland, home country and native region in the educational system of the Russiam Empire
Terekhova А.А. Female education in theV province in the second half of XIX - early XX century
Belozertsev E.P. "Philosophical and pedagogical heritage of the native land": in the context of the professional formation

Foreign and comparative pedagogy
Litvinovich V.G. Theory and practice of the "pedagogy of the world": modern approaches and practice
Dobrovolskaya A.Yu. Educational system in Norway: the modern realities

The Humanities

History, cultural science
Doroshenko А.V. On the specialization and regulation of spirits drinks trade in the 1970s – first half of the 1980s in western Siberia
Karmazina О.V. Senate and people`s assembly in Capua in the period of Samnites (between 5-3 centuries BC)
Savenkova М.М. Nodular weaving in the magic practice of Slavic people
Shipilov А.V. Not by bread alone

Philology, linguistics
Bugakova N.V. Political metaphor in the light of cognitive linguistics
Vasyutina E.V. Specific features of English political neologisms' word-formation in the XXI century
Demidkina Е.А. On the urgency of the research on the phraseological didactics

Natural Sciences

Ershova А.N., Fatullaeva А.S. Physical and chemical properties of highly purified cell wall-bound-glucosidase of pea plants
Khudyakova Т.М., Krutskikh О.А. Improvement directions of the oil production structure in Russian Federation
Diakova N.А., Kukueva L.L., Gaponov S.P., Slivkin А.I. Influence of the anthropogenic load on the biologically active compounds content in medicinal vegetable raw materials of the Voronezh city and its suburbs


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