Журнал Известия ВГПУ
Russian version SCIENTIFIC JOURNAL ISSN 2309-7078

Izvestia VSPU. - 2013. - Vol. 261. - Issue 2.

Pedagogical Sciences

Educational heritage
Ryndak V.G. On the way to professional success: in a dialogue with the teacher and time (to the 95th anniversary of V.A. Sukhomlinsky)
Reprintsev A.V. The image of an ideal teacher in V.A. Sukhomlinsky's philosophical and pedagogical concept: dialectics of the ideal and real
Pashkov A.G. Enriching the spiritual and moral life of a child by labour activity in V.A. Sukhomlinsky's pedagogical experience
Bulatnikov E.I. Introducing ethics into education in V.A. Sukhomlinsky's concept: current reading of the heritage of the great educator-humanist

Russian education today
Krikunov A.E. When a philosopher does not want to be "a teacher"
Moskvina N.B. Dialogue in the educational process as an existential event
Starostina T.B. Interaction as a factor of productive teaching in a higher educational institution
Grigoriev A.I. Education of a modern man as a global civilization problem
Parkhomenko N.A. Ideals of the social education of young people in the context of the traditions of Russian national culture
Eliseeva Е.V. The main principles of humanistic and orthodox pedagogy in the light of the problems of spiritual and moral education of a person
Alent'eva Т.V. Problems of the historical education in Russia
Kostenko I.P. Evolution of the quality of mathematical education (1931 – 2009)
Sviridov V.V., Dorokhov E.V., Kochukova М.V. The factors influencing the actualization of learning information of different kinds
Dayneko Е.Yu., Dayneko V.G. Intellectual property products market and enhancing tThe competitiveness of the intellectual capital
Antonova L.А., Khrenova N.F. Planning an electronic educational resources complex within the framework of a university subject

Psychology of education
Makarova L.N., Koroleva А.V. Description of problem areas of critical thinking development of humanitarian students
Stepanova G.S. Integrative approach to the investigation of ethnic identity under the conditions of macrosocial changes in the society
Soliankina L.Е. A holistic approach to the study of the professional competence as practice-oriented construct

Science for region
Samokhina K.I. The Voronezh city branding: conceptual essence and development directions
Krasova E.Yu. Socializing role of a tale in the estimates of the Voronezh youth
Chernikova V.V. Political symbols and regional identity

Scientific and pedagogical school of VSPU
Varava V.V. The spiritual experience of the motherland as a foundation of education (reflections on the scientific-pedagogical school of E.P. Belozertsev)
Gagaev А.А., Gagaev P.А., Belozertsev Е.P. Image and meaning of the Russian school
Nadtochiy I.О. Scientific pedagogical school in the context of ethical and moral education

Foreign and comparative pedagogy
Dyuzhakova M.V. Realization of the ideas of multicultural education in teacher training in the United States
Myazina О.Yu. Analysis of the system of in-service teacher training in foreign countries
Kovbasyuk О.V. Personality education in the horizon of meaning: from the experience of the international project «global learning»

The Humanities

Berkner S.S., Anikeeva Т.R., Podsevalova N.О. Some features of English and Russian phraseological units
Karasik V.I. The book of proverbs: axiology and style
Sternin I.А., Maklakova Е.А. Linguo-culturological aspect of semaseology
Shakhovsky V.I., Korobkina N.I. Creative function of language / speech in the nomination of new contextual notions
Babushkin А.P. Two approaches to the pun understanding
Toporova V.М. Geometric nominations in the mirror of formula semantics
Popova Z.D., Getmantsev S.М. Linguoculturalogical specific features of Russian and English figurative adjectives
Kulinich М.А. George Orwell and the history of his books in the USSR
Petrova О.V. Translation strategies and criteria of translation adequacy assessment
Vella Т.М. Translation constants of interpretative translation theory
Sternina М.А. On the possibilities of usage the comparative-parametric method for the intralingual research
Koprov V.Yu. Contrastive studies on Russian and English business communication
Srebryanskaya N.А. Creolized artistic texts of different types of semiotic systems
Egorova М.А. Lexicalization, grammaticalization, pragmaticalization: the English adjective good
Shustova I.N. The use of gender stereotypes in the language of politics (based on the English language material)
Konopelko I.P. Representation of some concepts in English and French (based on phraseological units)
Ignatenko N.А. Developing socio-cultural competence in a foreign language: past and present experiences/a>
Grevtseva V.F. On the approaches to the development of written communicative competence of junior foreign language students
Yakovleva I.N. Specifics of conceptualisation of emotions in a literary text (a case study of translation of «Atonement» by I. Mcewan)
Erasova L.G. Culture through the prism of language

Natural Sciences

Khudyakova Т.М., Krutskikh О.А. The increase of the functioning effectiveness of Chernozem region food complex
Sokolova S.B. Health-caring activities of health promotion schools: self-assessment and expert evaluation
Rapoport I.K., Minnibaev T.Sh., Chubarovskij V.V. On the comprehensive assessment of the state of students' health using the results of preventive medical examinations
Kordenko A.N., Kovylova V.I. On the life quality and health state of children and youth of the Voronezh region
Kuchma V.R., Chubarovskij V.V., Rapoport I.K., Sokolova S.B., Katenko S.V. Current state of the problem of psychohigieny and psycho-prophylaxis of children and adolescents


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