Журнал Известия ВГПУ
Russian version SCIENTIFIC JOURNAL ISSN 2309-7078

Izvestia VSPU. - 2013. - Vol. 260. - Issue 1.

Pedagogical Sciences

Educational heritage
Reprintseva E.A. The heritage of A.S. Makarenko in the context of the "consumer society": are the ideas and experience of the great teacher going to be demanded?
Pashkov A.G. Liberal ideology in modern theory and practice of social education: why the official pedagogy dissociates itself from the heritage of A.S. Makarenko?
Reprintsev A.V. Mission of Russian teachership through the lens of the heritage of A.S. Makarenko: from social fragmentation to cohesive action

Russian education today
Krikunov A.E. Education and memory: figures of memory in Russian philosophy
Tarasova O.I. The phenomenon of systemic crisis of modern education
Belozertsev E.P. Reflection of the theme of overcoming the Russian education crisis in the humanitarian knowledge
Korshunova N.L. Evolution of the concept of the pedagogics methodology (continuity of the traditions and new perspectives)
Gudovich I.S. Transdisciplinary project "potential and prospects of education development in Russia"
Lotonenko А.V., Lotonenko А.А. Physical culture and culture of corporeality
Sleptsova M.V., Popova O.N. Professional career development of teachers in the context of the concept of technology education in lifelong

Psychology of education
Abdalina L.V. Categories of acmeology as a basis for study and development of a professional teacher
Trofimova N.B. Psychological technology of mental potential development of senior school students
Koval N.A. Value conditionality in the development of spirituality in otnogeneze

Philosophical and pedagogical otchiy krai heritage
Lyakhov A.V. The origins of Russian spiritual culture and philosophy
Alesin I.I. Historicism as an apology of history
Varava V.V., Varava M.V. In the search of Russian philosophical language
Solomatin S.V. Metaphysical guilt as an ethical category
Kozlova T.A. Return to the pedagogical heritage in the issues of spiritual and moral upbringing as the dictate of time
Veretennikova S.V. On the spiritual component of otchiy krai heritage

Scientific and pedagogical school of VSPU
Shakurova M.V. The essence of socio-cultural identity of the personality
Filimonova N.V. "True" and "imposed" cultural identity of elementary school students: an experience of theoretical research
Makhinin A.N. In a search of pedagogical conditions for the formation of Russian civil identity of high school students

Foreign and comparative pedagogy
Sedova E.E. Russian school in Bulgaria as a factor of national self-preservation of children in emigration
Terenia Yu.Yu. «Bulletin of the pedagogical bureau for secondary and low-level Russian schools abroad» (1923-1931) in the national education system of Russians in foreign countries
Chernykh Yu.N., Shmarov A.N. Traditions of civil-patriotic education in military teaching of Russian diaspora in the interwar Europe
Dyuzhakova M.V. Organization problems for the pedagogical support of children-migrants under the conditions of multicultural educational institution

The Humanities

Philosophy, sociology
Borsyakov Yu.I. Philosophy of the knowledge of social reality
Krasova E.Yu. Peculiarities of consumer practices of Voronezh students

History, political science
Perepelitzyn A.V., Kuznetsov V.V. Socially-economic activities of local governments in uezd cities of the Voronezh province in 1874–1917
Fursov V.N. Evolution of the social psychology of russian peasants in the 2nd half of the XIX century
Bashkireva N.V. Institution of elective district council chiefs and the volost court: on the cooperation issue
Shipilov A.V. Prehistory of the civil society in Russia
Liventsev D.V. Contingent of criminals sent to the island of Sakhalin
Chernikova G.V. Structural transformation of Ukraine political elite

Philology, linguistics
Udodov A.B. Literary heritage of M. Gorky in the processes of social-aesthetical functioning: a view from the XXI century
Dobrova S.I. Semantics of the subjective plan and typology of parallelism-binoms (on the material of the conspiracy texts)
Dykhanova B.S. From «black earth telemak» to Peregudin's «blockhead»
Molchanova N.A. The first poetic experiments of K. Balmont
Zavarzina G.A. Structural organization of the «state management» concept and its representation in Russian conceptsphere of the new time

Natural Sciences

Bryzgalova M.A., Obukhovskii V.V. On local controllability for a class of nonlinear systems
Gubina S.S. Borsuk-Ulam theorem for quasi-reversible operators
Milovskaya L.S. A first approximation of nonlinear systems
Belyaeva N.N., Gorelova G.Yu., Rapoport I.K. Effectiveness of drinking of bottled water of the highest quality category with the optimum content of macro- and micronutrients to improve the health of 5-7 year old children in Moscow
Velikanova N.A., Kukueva L.L., Gaponov S.P., Slivkin A.I. Estimation of radionuclide pollution of medicinal vegetative raw materials in Voronezh city and its suburbs
Ershova A.N., Berdnikova O.S. The intensity of free radical processes and lipoxygenase activity in maize plants under conditions of hypoxic stress and CO2-environment
Timofeev A.N. Organization principles of student research activities in the field of biology and ecology
Uspenskii K.V. Forest-patological monitoring of green planting in the Voronezh city
Kolesnikov V.B. A review of oribatid mites in the Voronezh region
Sanina M.Yu. Application of express- and test-methods in the analysis of natural objects
Bogdanova M.V., Mischenko V.A. Modeling of warmth and mass transfer in cryogenic systems


Catalog of the Agency "Rospechat", the index is 70731.